URM’s Commercial team is split into regions, the North region is managed by Richard Jaques, with the South covered by Peter Corby and Tony Bearryman. All Bottle Bank accounts are managed across the UK by the URM team. Please contact Head Office on 01977 608020 and you’ll be put in contact with the Business Development Manager covering your area.

Tendring District Council

URM have been working with Tendring for over 15 years, with tonnages of 130+ tonnes a month from bottle bank collections from all over the district.  The glass in the district is only collected in bottle banks, and is of a very high quality.

Bradford District Council

URM are in the second year of contract with Bradford Council. Kerbside collections of glass are made along with cans, paper and plastics. These are then processed at the Councils MRF. Around 500 tonnes of glass is then collected by URM every month for further processing and recycling.

Leed City Council

URM have worked with Leeds City Council for the last three years on a large contract, collecting an average of 650 tonnes per month from bring sites all around the district.  There is currently no kerbside collections for glass within the Council.

Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council

URM receive around 300 tonnes of raw mixed container glass per month, having worked with the Authority over the last 3 years. Glass is source segregated along with cardboard, which is then separated, before the glass is delivered into URM’s site at Knottingley, West Yorkshire. From there, it is colour separated and prepared for re-melt in to new glass containers.