Bottle banks are the most efficient way of getting the cleanest glass with no contaminants for reprocessing, and URM have been managing collection services since the early 80s.  We work with over 130 District and Parish councils as well as over 450 commercial sites, so are experienced in providing a good efficient service for your glass recycling needs.

URM can supply bottle banks to your site to help with glass recycling, and there is no need to separate colours as our processing plant can do all that for you.  There are different charges depending on the amount of glass you have per month, and these would be on a per lift basis or rental charge for the hire of the banks.  In this case, collections would be free of charge as required, but fitting in with our other collections.  All charges can be provided on enquiry.

As well as providing the bottle bank, we will maintain the bottle banks and provide stickers on them to instruct the type of material that can go into the containers.


There are several types of bottle banks, but there are only a few used by URM, Lucy & Martin and FCC as follows:

Style Volume
Spacesaver 2.50 800 1.165 1.75 1.75
Titan 2.50 700 1.25 1.64 1.25
Space Saver